High everybody, and Welcome to our little Website!

Green Mountain Seeds is a small Project by Vermontman(Breeder), and me Pineapple_Punch ( Postal stuff). 

We are working mainly with Old School Sativa genetics, and trying to create some new exotic hybrids in a regular form. 

Right now we only have one Cross to offer, the Purple Satellite ( Oaxaca79SKULL x Baglung Nepali). Informations about the Purple Satellite in the Strain section here:  Purple Satellite

But we are working to bring out some more in the Future. 

For example:

Federation Hawaiian Sativa x Mulanje Gold

Federation Hawaiian Sativa x Oaxaca79SKULL


Hey everyone, Pineapple_Punch here. I’ve removed the Contact option and the Email address from this Website, cause Vermontman never logged in into the Email Account on his own. I was the one who created the Website and the Email Account and did the postal stuff when GMS have started a few Years ago, but through personal problems at that time i’ve quit. After this Vermontman made a small break and decided to work with ACE Seeds as a Distributor. His Strains are only available through ACE Seeds and it’s Distributors. Vman is fine and is working on his projects. 


Im sorry for all who tried to contact GMS over this Website, i just forgot to make an Update.


July 31st, 2021